Daffodil Festival History

Daffodil Scrapbooks

Click on each set of years to take a peek at Daffodil Festival History. These scrapbooks are available for viewing at the Museum of History (when it opens again, of course).







                Daffodil Festival History Trivia

In what year were Past Daffodil Queens the Grand Marshal? How many of these ladies do you know?

In what year was this lovely couple the Grand Marshal? Bonus if you know their names AND their business!!

This artist, winner of the 2000 Poster Contest, was famous for her hats.

One year we had 19 Princesses!! Name that year!

Name this 1995 Daffodil Festival Queen.

Calling all Achilles Warriors! Name this 1991 Daffodil Festival Queen.

Name this 1994 Daffodil Festival Queen.

If you go to the Library, you've seen this 2006 Daffodil Festival Queen!

Name this 1993 Daffodil Festival Queen.

Name this 1997 Daffodil Festival Queen.