2019 Fabulous Mutt Show Winners!

Presented by the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society 

Best in Show

1st Place - Brandi Williams and Mick (Pug)

2nd Place - Donald Millard and Nina and Piper (Nina - Chihuahua; Piper - Pom-chi)

Daffo-Dog Costume Contest

1st Place Tina Carrington with Athena and Bailey (both Cavalier King Charles)

2nd Place - Sarah Summers with Belle (Labradoodle) 

Smart Pet Tricks

1st Place Judy Gandarillas with Taylor (mixed breed)

2nd Place - Trish Mims and Rusty (Border Collie)

Pet/Person Look-alike

1st Place Jenny Jordon with Bob (Great Pyrenees and St. Bernard mix) 

2nd Place Carter Daniel and Iris (Mini Schnauzer)


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