Welcome to the 2021 Annual Gloucester Daffodil Show. Under normal circumstances, this show is held in the Spring as a part of the decades’ long Gloucester Daffodil Festival. In light of the current pandemic, this beloved festival is limited under strict guidelines to guard against COVID-19.

Despite this, the persistence of the daffodil transcends virus. Our daffodils continue to bloom in the same soil that our hands benefit from, now more than ever.

The Gloucester Daffodil Show first began in 1938 and is part of the fabric of our community. The county is actually nicknamed “The Daffodil Capital” due to its rich and deep history in the cultivation and exhibition of this most favored flower bulb. Both the festival and show were unfortunately cancelled in 2020; however after much discussion and planning, we are excited to offer a hybrid/virtual show this year with great help from our sponsor, Gloucester County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department, volunteers and committee members.

This year’s daffodil show will be very different. For instance, exhibitors will be allowed to get supplies ahead of time because we will only be able to allow a certain number of exhibitors in the venue at one time. Masks will be mandatory, along with social distancing and dedicated entry times for those exhibitors that are not able to drop off completed entries. These measures are necessary to keep all participants safe, including PRT staff, exhibitors, judges and volunteers. The public will not be able to visit the show in person, however the show and awards will be filmed and posted on the Daffodil Festival Website.

In lieu of visiting the Gloucester Daffodil Show this year in person, please take advantage of the wonderful self-guided driving tour of local daffodil plantings, developed by the Gloucester Daffodil Club. The club members have been busy planting tens of thousands of bulbs along the roadsides, adding to the already numerous and naturalized plantings throughout our beautiful county.

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